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 IT Support and Managed Services



Managed IT Services help small business owners by simplifying IT operations and improving the reliability of networks. Instead of spending time worrying about technology, small business owners can stay focused on growing their businesses. 

There is growing variety of services that are provided by IT Support and Managed Services, which include:

  • Computer & Server Support
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery 
  • Network Security
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Remote Network Monitoring 
  • Technology Evaluation & Plan 


Stop waiting for your technology to break


When something goes wrong with your IT, everything grinds to a halt. With a standard break/fix service contract, you have to wait for something to break before your provider can fix it. That equation seems to make sense – even though it could easily result in hours of downtime. But what if you could keep your IT from breaking in the first place?






Back to Work Refresher

If you need to refresh your computer skills for the workforce.

  • eMailing, 
  • Understanding Window/Mac, 
  • Basics of Microsoft Office Products
  • Printing /Scanning/Filing



Need a Website for personal or business?

We can assist you on how to build your website. We can also assist in selecting a provider for your domain name.


Gift Voucher

Give a gift voucher that will offer new or refresh skills for a friend of relative.





Customised options:

Customise bandwidth 

- usage for Customers and set download limits.

User sessions 

- can be limited by time.

Customised splash pag

- with Terms of Use before users log in to the hotspot.

Automatic redirection 

- to a URL of your choice  (e.g. your homepage) after users connect.

Small Business IT Support and Managed Services


Business specialist providing small business IT support services on the Sunshine Coast. We provide all types of business IT support for all types of businesses. Deal with a dedicated professional who lives and works on the Sunshine Coast who can offer a priority customer service. 

We understand that many small businesses lack the resources to have full-time IT services staff to deal with network support, computer support, and overall IT support. A regular weekly or monthly, proactive support maintenance check can help avert crises, minimise disruption and downtime, provide your company with a solid IT infrastructure and support program that helps your business processes perform at their peak.

A business IT Support plan including a Managed IT Services program can help.

  • Your own dedicated IT Systems Technician
  • Preferential service for urgent requirements
  • Receive regular onsite visits
  • Help desk support
  • Server and network monitoring
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Fixed cost
  • Discounted rates for additional requirements


Why Managed IT Services for your business?

 Our Managed Services troubleshoot, service and maintain you computer network, servers workstations and associated infrastructure. We believe a preventative Support and Managed Services Plan can fit your budget and business requirements.


IT environments can experience a variety of issues.  Some of the more common issues are: 

Poor network performance

•System crashes and reliability issues

•Poor backup and disaster recovery processes

•Vital updates and security patches missing

•Missing and out of date antivirus and threat management systems

•Use of old systems that adversely impact productivity

•Inadequate and out of date network documentation

•Don’t have a technician familiar with the setup who can solve issues quickly


Your business can avoid these types of problems and use the experience only our Managed IT Services can provide. Our rates vary depending on your requirements. Call or eMail and we can book a meeting and quote on your requirements.




Computer Tutoring

Do you need some computer tutoring? 

If you just need assistance to copy music, check eMails, learn a new software, we can help. 

Whether you require tutoring in person or groups:

Small Business •Local Councils •Libraries •Community Centres• Schools •Retirement Villages •Nursing Homes •Senior Citizen Groups

 Lifestyle & Special Interest Training

  • Video Calls (Skype)
  • Digital Photos (transfer to computer, enhance, print, email)
  • eBay (buying and selling)
  • Shopping online (research, compare prices, book/purchase)
  • Advanced eMail and Internet
  • Advanced iPad
  • Files and Folders (organise your Electronic Filing Cabinet)
  • Printers/Scanners (install, copy, scan)
  • Word Processing (Basic/Advanced)
  • Spread sheets (financials and formulas)
  • Music (download, listen, play and catalogue)
  • Banking online (transfer funds, pay bills, manage accounts)
  • Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • Smart Phones (SMS, emails, internet)
Windows/Apple Mac
  • Introduction to your Computer
  • Understand and Personalise the Screen
  • Email Basics
  • Internet Basics
iPad Basics
  • Introduce features, Personalise your iPad and Internet Basics
  • Set up Email, Email
    basics and contacts


We can design a training session to suite your needs. If you are interested in learning something that isn't listed above, please contact us. Our rates are very competitive, please contact us for a quote.



WiFi Services


•Cafes •Hotels •Motels •Resorts •Fitness Centres •Back Packer Hostels 

•Pubs • Internet Cafes • Hair Salons • Auto Service Centres

  • The perfect FREE WIFI solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Increase overall sales by attracting customers to your business.
  • Remotely monitor the network from anywhere.
  • Network management that includes customised splash page & redirection.
  • Safe and secure.. 
  • Built-in firewall prevents users from seeing each others

 A majority of businesses are now offering FREE WiFi to their customers. FREE WiFi is a fantastic way to attract possible consumers to your establishment. Combining free WiFi with an active social media presence can be the ingredients to a successful marketing tool. The Internet has become a mandatory requirement for most people with computers, smartphones and tablets . People expect the internet to be at their fingertips at any point throughout the day. Not only business professionals, but anyone who is in need of email, social media usage, entertainment, or surfing the web.